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Our professional transcription and scribing services are designed to meet the stringent needs of medical practices.

From state-of-the-art dictation, transcription, and speech-recognition technologies to HIPAA-compliant best-in-class security practices, we provide the highest level of healthcare transcription and scribing services. While our quality-assurance practices are unwavering, our processes are flexible. For example, we can transcribe directly to your EHR, pending encounters for your review. Other features of your EHR, such as templating, are also supported. If you need virtual scribing, our services be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Nsight Service: Transcription

Exceptional quality and customer support. Rapid turnaround with options to edit and revise…no problem. I leave the office each day with all work and charts done. Medical notes are transcribed and ready to be filed the very next day. I most appreciate how customizable my notes are which enables me to recall critical aspects of care, rapidly. I am forever grateful for Nsight.

Dr. Douglas Robinson


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